This is Our Story

We Are LKQ Europe

  • 2011: Euro Car Parts (ECP) in UK.
  • 2013: Sator joined the LKQ group 
  • 2014: Atracco, a strong key player in the Nordic Countries followed
  • 2016: Rhiag Group joined with representations in ten more countries.
  • 2018: STAHLGRUBER and their large subsidiary PV Automotive were added to LKQ Europe.

mặt kqxs hôm nayLKQ positions itself as the most important spare parts provider of the continent. It is already three times larger than its closest competitors contesting against each other for the second rank.

Many Facets - One Solid Core

mặt kqxs hôm nayBy the help of high-frequency logistics and sophisticated stockpiling, LKQ raised the spare parts supply in Europe to a whole new level. To date, the company group operates more than 1,000 stores in Europe, each with an enclosed parts warehouse. Depending on their size, the warehouses keep up to 50,000 different parts in stock. This helps LKQ to cover 85% of their customers’ immediate needs – for every vehicle and every type on the market.

A strong network guarantees that garages receive even rare parts usually within 24 hours from receipt of order. The LKQ portfolio structure is derived from the classical product groups such as chassis, engine, electronics or body.

More Then Just Parts

Nowadays, additional services LKQ successfully provides to commit existing customers and gain new ones are becoming increasingly important. The group manages to stay secure within their core business and open up new, future-oriented options at the same time. One example: LKQ now offers supporting consultation and service connected to their product range for the garages obtaining LKQ products.

mặt kqxs hôm nayApart from products and services, telematics data are the third area LKQ is capturing by expanding its portfolio accordingly. Equipped with hundreds of sensors and control units, recent vehicles collect gigabytes of data with every driven mile. This information is highly relevant for service and maintenance. New LKQ concepts aim at making this data accessible – for the car owners to make a well-informed decision whether to choose a free or an authorized workshop, and for the free workshops to further improve their individual services.

Growth In Volume & Quality

Therefore, LKQ will keep up its status as an automotive aftersales company, but it will not limit itself to the spare parts business and stay flexible concerning its target markets. The company is well aware of this topic’s complexity. First of all, there is a geographic dimension to it. With regard to Europe, LKQ has not yet reached its growth objectives. There are still white spots on the European map to be closed in the future.

Our Markets

Independent Workshops

Independent workshops allow the repair of cars without the need for Brand loyalty. LKQ Europe works closely with approximately 127,000 independent workshops. For many motorists, the independent workshop is the first choice when problems arise with their vehicle.

Car Drivers

Car drivers are the central people around whom our market revolves. With over 202 million registered cars in Europe, it is one of the strongest sales markets for LKQ Europe.

Fast Fit Outlets

Fast fit outlets help drivers to get their vehicle back into service as quickly and cheaply as possible. Additional service is hardly offered.


Cooperations with insurance companies are a profitable business segment for LKQ Europe. For example, car insurance can bring a large number of customers with the help of workshop bindings.

Franchise Workshops

Franchise workshops are tied to a certain concept and give car drivers a secure feeling thanks to a professional external appearance.

Wholesalers & Retailers

Wholesalers and retailers represent a second level of trade. They sell car spare parts to their customers themselves.


Fleets represent an important market for LKQ Europe with their generous vehicle fleet.

Roadside Assistance

Cooperations with breakdown service providers are another promising working environment.

Our Industries

Passenger Vehicles

Two Wheelers

LKQ Heavy Truck

Commercial Vehicles

Special Interests